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If there was one activity Sousuke took more seriously than most, it was wilderness survival.  From a young age he'd been trained in how to persevere in almost any circumstances, regardless of climate or supplies.  Given that the weather was favorable - a sunny spring day, to be exact - and that he was able to bring any equipment he felt would be beneficial, Sousuke estimated that the odds of survival were well over ninety percent.  Of course, there was always the possibility of an unstoppable freak accident, and that was the only thing that kept his score from being a perfect hundred.

Any situation that he could prepare for, he was prepared for.

But he wasn't going it alone, and as he adjusted the rather hefty backpack he had slung over his shoulder he shot a glance to his traveling companion - Ami was a bright girl, he knew, so he didn't think that there would be any problem that their combined talents couldn't tackle.  With her intellectual might and his military expertise, they were a combination to be reckoned with... not that they would need to make use of those abilities, right?

... time would tell.

"Are you fully prepared?  If you wish to circle back for additional supplies, I won't object."

It had to be the stupidest bet he had ever made, and that was saying something - how many wagers had he made with Mao by now that he still owed her for? But those were simple payments like money, or buying a beer, or whatever. No, the stakes here were much, much higher. A life of servitude awaited him if he faltered in this mission... and given the objective? He was in trouble.

On one hand, all he had to do was be a perfect gentleman. Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong. He has to be a perfect gentleman while joining one Sheena Fujibayashi on a trip to her world's Hot Springs, and - more agonizingly - they were even in the springs at the same time. Now yes, they were separated by gender so at least there wasn't the constant distraction of seeing her in nothing but a towel, but just knowing that she was such a short distance away - JUST on the other side of that wall! - was almost as bad. How easy it would be, to whittle a tiny little hole through to the other side, so he could spy on the women's side with them being completely unawares...!

He shook his head rapidly, dunking his head in the water with a groan of frustration. No, no, life of servitude! That was a huge risk! All he had to do was play nice for now - maybe if he impressed her, he'd get an even better reward later. Yeah, that's how he had to look at this - play it cool now, and it'll pay off later.

... but man, was it boring over here. Not even anyone to chat with - he glanced at the wall again, wondering if it was just as empty on Sheena's side.
'One might say that my life was fairly ordinary, or at least as ordinary as someone's life can be considered in this world.  There was once an incredible war of giant robots and drills, but that has nothing to do with me - hell, I was just a kid living underground when that all went down, I was barely aware of any of it to begin with.  I just followed everyone to the mysterious surface when it was all said and done, and life sort of began anew, so to speak.  Now?  I just help out at my parent's mechanical repair shop.  I'm not much of a mechanic myself, so I just sort papers, answer calls, deal with customers - you could call me a secretary, but I prefer 'receptionist', thank you. 

Even in what was arguably an extraordinary world, my position was firmly stapled in the average and mundane, and I never once had a problem with it.

That all changed, one brutally hot afternoon - I glimpsed something extraordinary, and you could say that's where it all really began.'

This, too, had begun as an ordinary day - his father in the shop working on one of his latest projects, his mother preparing their lunch, and Kyon himself resting lazily against the counter near the entrance, fanning himself lazily as the seconds ticked by.  His outfit was a plain, slightly wrinkled white tank top and a pair of slightly worn jeans; he wasn't exactly dressed to impress, but come on.  Who was he supposed to impress?  Their customers were mostly cheery old men with dirtier outfits than his, so there was no reason to dress up.

A yawn escaped him, loud and open, and he wondered if they'd even see another customer today.  Squinting out the window, he sighed under his breath.  Ah, it was definitely too hot today.
'At the start of every school year it's customary to wish for not only for good luck, but for some new beginnings as well.  Maybe study a bit harder, be a bit more outgoing, that sort of thing.  I'm fairly certain it was never meant to include the sort of oddities that go on in the clubroom, but I also found myself hoping that this year, maybe Haruhi would go a little easier on me.  For all intents and purposes, we're off to a good start - the very first day of school and our wonderful Chief had some business at home she had to attend to, meaning we were free to do as we pleased with our time after school for once.  As far as new beginnings go, this one was looking pretty optimistic.

Little did I know that this was not the only new beginning I would experience on this fateful warm spring day.'

It was definitely warm, almost uncharacteristically so for this time of year, and Kyon found himself tugging his blazer off to sling over his shoulder with a sigh.  A day like this was made for being outside, and he certainly appreciated not having to be stuck in the clubroom this time.  Mind you, he had nothing to do - like hell was he going to start his homework early - so he simply wandered around a bit, enjoying the fresh air and overall pleasant weather.  He eventually found himself seated underneath a tree, hands behind his head as he flopped back against the grass with a quiet grunt, staring at the clouds lazily.

He could get used to this.  Hell, he even felt lucky enough to wonder what else might go his way, today.


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